Spray Machine
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  Long Distance Spray Machine
- Working Principle
Aerodynamics was used with water through the pump pressure, combined with a given pressure blower. Then it conveys micron atomized particles through the nozzle to form the columnar mist shape. And it transfers to the far distance, to cover and control the distant place of dust sources pollution.
- Equipment Composition
It contains the spray system, rotating mechanism, pitch adjusting mechanism, electrical control system, drug control system, pressurized water pump, fan, water pipe, cable furl system and unpowered trailer, etc.
- Machine Characteristics
High quality water pump, nozzle and motor, stable running performance
It is water resistant, anti-corrosion, which can be applied in severe environment.
Fast spraying speed, far range. Spray speed fast, high range (far), penetrating and good adhesion; large coverage area, tiny fog particles; when touching with the flutter dust, it forms a damp mist body for fast dedusting.
According to customers’ demand, we can provide the configuration of the trailer, water tank, diesel generators, kinds of light truck, or configuration advice for customer.
Water consumption is much lower than other dust-controlling sprayer (spray gun, sprinkler, etc.), and the size of water mist which covers the dust is larger than the other dust suppression device.